The scraping, grinding or rubbing to give a worn appearance. This helps us achieve that authentic, like-you've-worn-it-for-years vibe you love.

Contoured Waistband

Our one-of-a-kind two-piece waistband that is cut and sewn along a curve, with the top half of the band measuring slightly smaller than the bottom. This means it'll never create muffin top or gap in the back. This technique is probably why you love our iconic Suki fit so much.


The techniques or processes preformed on a garment, which give it its unique look. Our denim touches the hands of over 30 people through the manufacturing process, each of which are responsible for a single detail to ensure only the highest quality standards.


The front closure of your jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. and can be zip or button depending on the pair.

Hem Grinding

The worn or frayed area on the jean, found on the bottom hem, scoop pockets riser or back pocket hem, designed to mimic the natural wear and tear over time.


A description of the way a fabric feels when touched, rubbed or handled. Terms like super soft and smooth should be coming to mind.

Hand Sanding

A hand process using sand paper to remove indigo and cotton from denim mimicking natural wear patterns. This is what you see on the front legs of most of our jeans, especially styles like this relaxed-fit Eddie and our high-rise Avery.


Refers to the measurement of the inner leg, from the top of the inner thigh to the bottom of the hem.

Leg Opening

Refers to the circumference measurement around the bottom opening of the jean. Helps determine whether the jean is skinny, slim, straight, bootcut, etc.


An environmentally-friendly washing process that washes denim jeans with little to no water or chemicals. Over 90% of our wash details are created using these systems in an effort to increase our sustainability.


Refers to the proportion of the fit’s front rise and back rise, with the back always being higher than the front.

Pocket Grading

The unique design process and placement of our back pockets, which is dependent on waist size to guarantee an always-flattering and proportional look. Hint: this is probably why your butt looks so good in our jeans.


A wash process in which pumice stones are added to washing machines that remove color, add contrast and soften handfeel. This is what creates that traditional, 90’s inspired look and perfectly worn-in feel.


A fading of the ridges and creases below the front pockets and on back of the knees, which gives the appearance of aged denim. We do this on almost every pair, which only adds to the authenticity.