From pockets to waistbands, grading to measurements, we think of everything when it comes to crafting the perfect-fitting jean. Read on for a few design elements we put into every single pair to make them one of a kind.

The Pockets

  • Each front pocket is sewn into the front fly for a smoothing, holds-you-in look and feel.
  • The scoop of the front pocket is designed to deliver more shape-enhancing appeal.
  • Every back pocket is hand-placed and engineered depending on the waist size, fit and rise. This guarantees an optimally flattering look that draws your eye in towards the center of the jean.

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The Waistbands

  • Our extensive research of the female body has allowed us to understand that every size and body type has some type of curve.
  • We created a one-of-a-kind two-piece waistband that is cut and sewn along a curve, with the top half of the band measuring slightly smaller than the bottom. This ensures when you find the right fit, it’ll never create muffin top or gap in the back.
  • We adjust the level of contour for the waistband of each fit and rise, from slightly contoured to extreme and in between, to ensure every jean perfectly hugs and accentuates your natural shape, whatever that may be.

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The Rises

  • We have a unique point of view when it comes to rises, as we know that the subtlest differences can make a large impact when it comes to the look and feel of your fit.
  • Our collection includes a low rise, the perfect mid rise, an everyday high rise that offers extra coverage and support, and super-high rise for a more trend-driven, legs-for-days look.

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The Measurements

  • To cater to our wide customer base and range of body types, our two denim collections for women are engineered with different measurements.
  • This means that our Originals collection features slightly larger measurements to fit a more mature body type, whereas our Contemporary collection is designed with smaller measurements for a slimmer silhouette and trend-conscious look.
  • We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our plus-size denim collection, as there’s a lot more that goes into it than just designing a larger size. Instead of grading up from our women’s line, our design team creates the perfect plus base size and models the entire collection after that, ensuring every curve and proportion is made with that customer in mind.

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The Pitch

  • ‘Pitch’ refers to the proportion of the fit’s front rise and back rise, with the back always being higher than the front.
  • The pitch of our jeans is adjusted based on each fit and rise to create an optimally flattering front rise measurement and a back rise that complements that while providing the perfect amount of coverage.

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The Grading

  • We follow different grade rules depending on the silhouette, ensuring each different leg opening (skinny, bootcut, etc.) is perfect and proportionate regardless of the size of the jean.
  • We fit test each and every size to ensure that even the smallest and largest sizes look just as proportionate as our base size.
  • We follow additional points of measure for areas like the calf and mid thigh to ensure that a perfect-fitting silhouette is maintained from waist to ankle.

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A Seasonal Note On Our Shorts

  • Although designed under the same fit categories as our jeans, we tweak the measurements of our shorts, so the customer can enjoy the same features they love with a flattering and proportional look.
  • Each pair is crafted to be shorter in the front, longer in the back for the perfect amount of coverage that still showcases the right amount of leg.

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